Thursday, January 9, 2014

winwin Window Gallery Amsterdam growing interest

Happy New Year to all visitors! here is a new years supercard by the participating artists  And Happy Happy Ever After

This Blog is temporary set to inform artists with interest to participate in the window art gallery program 2013-2014. 
All the different aspects are pointed out on the different pages...see at your right.
In case that you are still missing the fundamental information, please do not hesitate to contact us. preferably by mailing to:
 It is also possible to skype to talk out further details. The skype address is: arpsandco... only to use after an email appointment. 
Thank you for showing the interest in thus worldwide fascinating intercultural program.
Ella & Niels Arps and staff

This is the welcome text that you can find 
on our website
"We encourage and present programmes that aim to sustain, renew or
improve the quality of artistic endeavour across cultures. With a
focus on international and interdisciplinary projects, we are
interested in the exchange of ideas and the broadening of
perspectives, in fostering creative expression from the roots of the
community to the heights of the artistic establishment."
We mount exhibitions on various places in Amsterdam.

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