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Fix your camera's and let's start!

The Foundation TEACH FOR LIFE  is a non profit organization
established by art professionals and collectors  'to use the arts for
social change." There are only volunteers involved with the
organization. When it comes to actually teach the skills of  art, then
the artists receive a honorarium.
The focus is on children and young people aged between 9 and 14 years
who live in deprived areas.
Since we believe that a wholesome society is founded on the principles
of justice, equal economic opportunities and environmental
sustainability and enlarge self esteem.
In those areas where it is needed, we help children and young people
to tell their story through artistic expression in imaging arts.We are
concerned, informational and instructive how to be creative,how to be
innovative and how to negotiate, The three skills of the twenty first
To achieve this we put a mix of art, (cross-) media productions and
interactivity between young people and artists.
We attach great importance to cooperation with NGOs, civil society
organizations, artists and performers.
Finally we create a pay-back in returns of exhibitions of the works of
the deprived children in the area's of the so called civilized
children to show them how children can be creative elsewhere, develop
the sense of innovation and self support.
WE have a very old and damaged site here.
First thing the foundation will do with the donations is to give the
site a new shape and functional lift and enlarge social media around it.

Patricia is starting her own design company with micro credits

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