TESTIMONIALS by the artists in the window gallery

Johanna Milla Engdahl . My birthday at your gallery in Amsterdam was amazing. My husband Göran and I wish to visit your gallery one time more. I´m writing my reportage about my art inspirations from Amsterdam.
  • Ivo Arnaudov
    Art professional
    Thumb up for the Windows show . Ivo I do Art . Follow me . http://iiaart.tumblr.com/http://vimeo.com/67578771
  • frassetto maria
    Presidente A.C.A.F. Associazione Culturale arti figurative - Bergamo
    information for exhibition-such as free periods-what form of exposure and payment for any artist of my Association, regards Maria Grazia Frassetto
    Presidente ACAF-ARTEMISIA GALLERY - Bergamo Italia
    galleria.artemisia.bg@gmail.com - www.galleryartemisia.com
  • Shirley Peters
    Painter, printmaker
    I have shown in the Win Win window exhibition and can fully endorse Ella Arps and the program. It was great exposure for me. My works on paper were framed and displayed very professionally. This was done by Ella for no charge! She even donated her time and effort. The fee went to charity, not to her gallery. I hope to be able to show again some time. www.shirleypeters.com.au

  • Shirley we were only capable of showing a small part of your talents. If you show up again in Amsterdam we may mount a larger exhibition in the Thijs Gallery. Maybe 2015???
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  • Shirley Peters
    Painter, printmaker
    Thank you Ella! I would LOVE to show with you in 2015. Thijs Gallery! Wish I was there now: virtual hug! xxx

  • Nick "CAVEMAN" Oldham
    Nick "CAVEMAN"
    Digital Portraits
    Top Contributor
    George Franklin..just thought Id like to say…LOVE your Job Title!!!
  • Lee Campbell
    Fine Art Tutor at Kingston University
    Hello Ella, What an excellent concept. What is the address of the gallery please?

  • @Nick: you gave us such a lovely present, we are so happy with it. We think that we never came across an artist capable of characterizing from a photograph with such precision and with such a great and sharp feeling of humour and distance. We have put the pic on facebook. Of course with your address, And lots of friends are enjoying it.Thanks a million Nick, you have a unique talent and a good graftmanship.
  • .Involved with an innumerated amount of art projects, dedicated owner of arpsgallery.com and overdekunst.nl
    Top Contributor
    @Lee. The address is on the blog, It is arubastraat 1, Amsterdam, this is the Windows Gallery, Apart from that there are more galleries that we manage in Amsterdam. Mail us and just show us what you can: info@arpsgallery.com. The whole thing about the WinWin programm is: that after you are selected both parties have the opportunity to know one another and understand if there is a path to follow together in the other galleries, or maybe even with a new concept.
  • Lee Campbell
    Fine Art Tutor at Kingston University
    Thanks for your prompt reply Ella. I used to live in Amsterdam that's why I asked. I will send you some images. You can also view my CV etc on my site: www.leecampbell.co.uk
  • Nick "CAVEMAN" Oldham
    Nick "CAVEMAN"
    Digital Portraits

    Ella, my pleasure honestly! And thank you for your kind words..hope you got the HighRes version I emailed earlier..Keeeep smiiiiiiling!!
  • Cindy Renteria
    Graphics/ Web Design/Library Services
    Hi Ella,

    I here is a link to my website. Of course, I would love to show my artwork in your gallery.

    http://www.cindykrenteria.com/ I look forward to your comments.

  • Tatyana Bondareva
    Hi Ella,

    Could you please take a look at my artworks ( http://www.joyful-art.com ). Let me know, if you are interested in showing them in your gallery.
  • Gilda Pontbriand
    Award Winning Visual Artist / photographer
    I had a wonderful experience in Amsterdam and Ella and her family were fantastic. Is it also comforting to know that this program helps people. I had the chance to meet very nice people and I am looking forward to come back in 2015. Thanks Ella, Robbert and Niels!

  • @Gilda, thanks Gilda, it was so wonderful to have you and Jean in the house, it felt almost like family. Cookng and caring. we loved it. Your works are gorgeous Gilda. They are meant for a certain group of people that are searching for images that reflect the philosophy and meaning they find in life. Gilda the mirror to enable discovery of deeper layers 2015 is a positive reality to work on, here in Amsterdam in one of the larger galleries. Warmest regards.

  • Janeric Johansson
    Artist, Painter at Fine Art
    Hello! I´m an artist from Sweden and has been working with this for 45 years. Normally when I see similar galleries invitations I find out that they are working with B-klass artists, but your concept make me curiouse. You seemes to be seriouse and doing this with your heart.
    So maybe you should take a look at my webpage: www.janericjohansson.com It gives a little idea of what I´m doing even if its not updated. I have my studios in Sweden and China, but I have done a lot in the Netherlands in the 90th.
  • Steffen Kindt
    ...I will join you again...
    Thanks Steffen, we will keep you posted on the larger projects.
It was great to have you as one of the first in the windows.

Jina Lee from Korea Sept 13th - 23rd  www.artjinalee.com

This is the timeline that Inge  de Groot made for Jina

Dear Jina & Ella,
How lovely it was to meet you yesterday! Truly great people to meet :-)
 Jina, I made you a timeline-cover in www.picmonkey.com to use in Facebook.
So you can promote the current exhibition! Feel free to use it or not. I just like making it.
 Have a great time here in Holland.
 & Ella, hope to see you soon again, it was inspiring to meet you all!
 Gr. Inge

Dear all,
Thank you very much for all the supports ! I was glad to meeting you all. 
I am sharing this on my face book gallery.
Jina Lee Art Gallery on FB
All the best for WINWIN project!
Jina Lee

Very nice pics, thanks Ella.
It was a lovely evening and the food was excellent!

Dear Jina
Touched by your work and presentation! Thanks.
Catherina Giskes
Sept. 19th

Steffen Kind, Denmark - Pop-Art  http://www.steffen-kindt.eu/

Dear Ella, it was a great experience to be in the Amsterdam Windows and write on the wall too. Remember me in the caase you organize a pop-art group exhibition.

Shirley Peters, Australia   

Hi Ella,
Thank you very much for having my work in your gallery.
The experience has been a lot of fun from my end.
My local newspaper has published an article about the show, and I have had an "Open Studio" day, where many people came through the door, and saw my other Le Tour de France paintings. I sold a few as well!

I think that having international exposure will be very good for my profile. Instead of being a small fish in a local pond, I'm a small fish in a huge ocean!!
All the best,
Shirley Peters -  September 7th 2013

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