Life Wall Window Gallery

Following the suggestion of Jina lee, we started a Life Wall for the Window Gallery programm
Tonight we celebrated with an inaugurational dinner. Garnished by a full flow of artistic inspiration and mutual interests in techniques, feelings, backrounds and more.

Opening of the LIFE ART WALL in the presence of artists and their supporters:
Jina Lee - painter, Sylvia Doeleman - photographer, Patries Landwehr - painter,  Inge de Groot - the artists assistant and the healers help, Mark - supporting chinese culture, Cor Rappagne advertisement, Usha Bhalla - painter, Airco Caravan  - painter and photographer, Catherina Giskes - gallerist, Robbert van de Weetering - producer, Ella Arps - gallerist

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  1. A wonderful artist >>>>>>>>>>